FRIENDS Partners Endorse the Home Away From Home Programme

Have you studied abroad or been on a mobility? If yes, then you would know how important it is to have the support of your host university and to be able to rely on the guidance and friendship of local staff and students. To meet the needs of international students, the FRIENDS project partners have designed the Home Away From Home Programme. The latter offers an integrated model for student care and support and is being implemented through the FRIENDS Teahouses established at each of the 12 Asian universities involved in the project. The chief aim of the Home Away from Home Programme is to help universities co-create and facilitate a student experience that is welcoming, friendly and supportive of international students.

The Home Away From Home Programme was co-created at consortium level in late 2020 in the framework of the Home Away from Home Virtual Tea Party. Furthermore, each of the 12 FRIENDS partners in Asia has adjusted, translated and endorsed the document at institutional level. Copies of the 12 adopted Home Away from Home programmes implemented across the consortium could be found under the FRIENDS Teahouses sections dedicated to the activities and achievements of each FRIENDS Teahouse.

To download the Home Away from Home Programme, please click here.

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