4th FRIENDS Partner Meeting in Thailand

After long time of uncertainty in the world, with the Covid-19 cases falling and travel restrictions beginning to ease, FRIENDS project partners have finally been able to organize the 4th FRIENDS Project meeting in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The fourth project partner meeting took place in Chiang Mai, Thailand, from 19 April until 22 April 2022, and was hosted by PYU. During the four-days hybrid meeting, leadership and workshop facilitating roles were allocated to all partner HEIs, regardless of how the HEIs participated – online or face-to-face. During the four-day meeting partners worked on the Home Away from Home Programme, joined team building sessions, parallel workshops and simulation exercises, and worked on various project aspects of the FRIENDS Teahouses operation linked to the development of local and international students’ global skills. The recent developments and project implementation updates were discussed during the various parallel workshops facilitated at the meeting. The main topics of interest were the Teahouses’ Operation, FRIENDS Caravans, the Community development plans, and the popularization of the Intercultural Passport. (FRIENDS 4th Partner Meeting Agenda, FRIENDS 4th Partner Meetings Video)

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