University of Cebu’s Vice Chancellor for Business Development and Innovation presents EU partnered projects to HEIs in Region VII

The Presidents and top academic officials of Region VII’s Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) participated the Commission on Higher Education Regional Office (RO) VII’s webinar on ASEAN-related research and extension projects/programs network onwards to internationalization last August 23, 2021. It was part of the commission’s series of activities for the 54th ASEAN Celebration.

Dean Ofelia G. Mana, the University of Cebu’s Vice Chancellor for Business Development and Innovation was invited to speak. She shared the university’s experiences of the EU Erasmus+ projects: BEEHIVE, FRIENDS, and TRUST. She further discussed the student mobility programme with the Varna University of Management. Generally, she shared in her talk the projects’ facts, figures, challenges, status, and its significant impacts towards the university’s stakeholders. All of these is a result of the initial cooperation that was established with the Varna University of Management.

The participants of the webinar shared their appreciation and were interested to be part of the aforementioned projects. The commission and the participants commended the University of Cebu for valuing and looking into projects aimed to explore the university’s international university-industry linkages, educational collaborations, research, and universal social responsibility projects.

At the end of her presentation, Dean Maña expressed the University of Cebu’s gratitude to EU Erasmus+ Programme and Varna University of Management for the priceless collaboration and assistance. Dean Maña specially mentioned Ms. Christina Armutlieva, the project coordinator for BEEHIVE and FRIENDS projects, for providing seamless support and guidance which helped facilitate in the project completion and achieving fruitful outcomes.

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