Berjaya University College, Malaysia

Full name in the national language Berjaya University College
Acronym Berjaya UC
Institutional project coordinator Angela Thexeira
Telephone +603 2687 7000

Berjaya UC opened its doors to its inaugural intake of students in 2009 and in 2019, we celebrate this 10-year milestone. The university college has four faculties – Faculty of Culinary Arts, Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism, Berjaya Business School and Faculty of Liberal Arts – with a total of 1,200 students; of which 10% are full-time international students in 22 programmes from foundation to postgraduate levels. Berjaya UC’s city campus is strategically located in the heart of the golden triangle in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and is conceptually designed with a 5-star chic and sleek facilities.  Berjaya UC has established strong strategic collaborations with established institutions of higher learning in the ASEAN region, Asia, Europe and the Americas.  We work in partnership with more than 70 institutions with the aim to promote internationalisation via activities including credit recognition, student and staff exchange, collaboration in research, faculty visits and staff development. This is in line with one of our core values of responding to the increasingly global nature of business by fostering multi-culturalism and providing an international educational experience. In terms of international student programmes, Berjaya UC is actively developing a truly international learning community, with an increasing number of non-traditional ways of offering teaching and learning to international students, such as the Berjaya Immersion Methodology, internship, workplace exposure programmes and exposure to multicultural environment in Malaysia. We have hosted more than 500 students from different institutions from South Korea, Japan, China to name a few, to spend between two weeks to four months through our Global Mobility Programmes, which internationalizes Malaysian culture and heritage.

Associate Professor Chung Jee Fenn, Head – Centre of Institutional Research has been with Berjaya UC since September 2013.  He is currently the Editor-in-Chief of Berjaya Journal of Service and Management and Chairperson of the Berjaya UC Research Management Committee. He is also a registered counsellor under the Board of Counsellors, Malaysia and a member of the Association of Internal Management Consultants (AIMC, USA). AP Chung is a certified trainer and has conducted workshops / seminars on SPSS, educational management, quantitative research methodology to name a few. His area of expertise is educational management, leadership and administration, human resource management, quantitative research methodology and analysis; and has published numerous papers in international journals and conference proceedings in some of these areas. In 2006, AP Chung received the 2006 Service Excellence Award in Teaching from the Ministry of Education, Malaysia.

Ronald Willie Binati, Head of Programme – Foundation in Hospitality and Bachelor of Hospitality Management, School of Hospitality, has been with Berjaya UC since August 2010. Ronald was formerly the President of the Sommelier Association of Malaysia (SOMLAY) for 2 terms. He also completed his Msc. VINTAGE in Vine, Wine and Terroir Management under the Erasmus Mundus scholar’s programme of the European Union. As an educator, his interest lies in food and beverage sensory analysis, food cultures especially on wines spirits and tea. Apart from that, he is also interested in the internationalisation process in higher education as well as innovation and creativity in higher education teaching.

Dewi Wulandiah Oktavia, Senior Lecturer, School of Hospitality, was formerly the Head of Programme for the Diploma in Hospitality Management from 2014 – 2017.  She is a member of Sommelier Association of Malaysia (SOMLAY) and Malaysian Association of Facility Management (MAFM). She was awarded a scholarship from the Ministry of Higher Education of Indonesia to pursue her Master degree in MBA at University Utara Malaysia (UUM) double majoring in Tourism Management and Hospitality and a Master of Management from Sahid University, Jakarta.  As an educator, her interest lies in Service Quality, Marketing, Sustainable and Green technology, Revenue Management, Organisation Development, Strategic Management and the Internationalisation process in higher education as well as creativity and innovation in higher education teaching.

Chris Ong Siew Har, Senior Lecturer at Berjaya Business School has been with Berjaya UC since September 2015.  She was the former Head of Student Services at Berjaya UC managing both Malaysian and international students as well as the work placement of students.  She served as the critical link between Berjaya UC and its industry partners and institutional affiliates, coordinating not only career-related opportunities for students but also the institution’s joint partnership programmes and activities with the industry. She decided to transfer to teaching full-time to concentrate more time on completing her PhD. Chris also has extensive experience working with various hotels in Malaysia.