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Intercultural Awareness and Cultural Diversity: Massive Online Open Course (IACD MOOC)

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Reyvan Guinita
Posted 4 days ago
Very commendable!

Thank you for this opportunity, I really learned a lot in this online course.

Israel Mata
Posted 18 hours ago

Sure uy

Posted 4 days ago

very helpful

Posted 2 weeks ago

Thank you so much for the course, really appreciate it. I was taught a lot of stuff.

Lance Darrel Jemenia
Posted 2 weeks ago

Nothing more, nothing less to say. This online course is indeed very effective towards cultural awareness.

Maria Elena Gajisan
Posted 2 weeks ago
cultural journey

I am very grateful for this Erasmus experience and so glad that it became part of our course in International Management - learned a lot about the culture of other nations and the lectures were delivered outstandingly.

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!

164 Responses

  1. Jell Kelly Sebonga says:

    The introduction of video about FRIENDS will help me to prepare more to the next activity.

  2. Renee Rose Patual says:

    This will be a great opportunity for us as a student to learn the intercultural diversities and different ways of cultures in each country. It will helps us to train ourselves to engage with different people and to become a good individual.

  3. Gian Celso Tamano says:

    It’s a nice course to learn!

  4. Pia Marie Rizo Jose says:

    This is a new experience as it’s a different way of learning. With this online class, it will make us aware of the intercultural diversities as well as how to engage in connections with another, regardless of culture.

  5. IACD MOOC Team says:

    Dear FRIENDS,
    Dear IACD MOOC Learners,
    We thank you for your interest in the IACD MOOC and the trust you are placing in us, especially in these challenging times when online learning has become more relevant than ever before.
    Keep up with us throughout the whole IACD MOOC and keep up the good work!
    Your IACD MOOC admin team

  6. Reynante Ballada says:

    its already 5:12 pm. Am i the only one eagerly waitiing?

  7. Ricky III Abalena says:

    Looking forward to finishing this valuable course.

  8. Giselle Marie Gonzaga says:

    This massive open online course program is interesting. I’m looking forward to know the cultures of others countries.

  9. IACD MOOC Team says:

    Dear FRIENDS,
    Dear IACD MOOC Learners,
    We would like to kindly inform you that the IACD MOOC course open dates and times are based on the Eastern European Summer Time (EEST) +03:00 UTC.
    Keep up with us throughout the whole IACD MOOC and keep up the good work!
    Your IACD MOOC admin team

    • Sazzy Gaddang says:

      Hi! I’ve had a problem with registering, when i pressed register it flagged the email and confirm e-mail box. I tried a lot of times before i was able to get in. I hope it gets addressed for other users to register quickly ?

    • Wilford Miguel says:

      Hi Maam/ sir, how/who can
      I address some technical problems regarding answering the assignment in Unit 4?

      • IACD MOOC Team says:

        Dear Wilford Miguel,
        Thank you very much for your comment!
        We would like to inform you that you should feel more than welcome to address any technical issues that you experience here, in the comments section so that we may assist you further.
        Kind regards,
        Your IACD MOOC admin team

  10. Arceli Lim says:

    I have a question, which time zone are we using?

  11. James Alwin Aljecera says:

    Informative and very precised lessons that I’ve encountered

    Looking forward to learn more and apply these concepts in our real and modern world

  12. Ephuong Phat says:

    I really like this course. I can know a lot about other countries’ cultures.

  13. Kanhchany Sipha says:


    I have a question.
    Assignment on Unit 6 Question number 3.

    3. Which of the following is NOT among the reasons of increased cultural diversity?

    I don’t agree that the answer is ” all the above answers.” Can someone please explain? Thank you.

    • IACD MOOC Team says:

      Dear IACD MOOC Learner,
      We would like to kindly inform you that Question 3 in Assignment 6 is revised. Thank you very much for your fruitful comment!
      Keep up with us throughout the whole IACD MOOC and keep up the good work!
      Your IACD MOOC admin team

  14. Ricky III Abalena says:

    Hi. I’m stuck in Unit 5 since April 16. I’ve tried already three times doing all the parts including the assignment but still in the end I’m only 14% complete which doesn’t change in days. What could be the problem?

    • IACD MOOC Team says:

      Dear FRIENDS IACD MOOC Learner,
      Thank you very much for your comment!
      We would like to kindly inform you that if a student has completed all the parts and assignments fro Unit 1 to Unit 5 inclusive, he/she has to have 34% progress in the progress bar (or37/107 steps completed). We would like to kindly ask you to make sure that you have completed all the parts in all the units until now so that you can continue with the wonderful progress that you are making so far in our IACD MOOC.
      For further reference, you may refer to the Instructions on How to use the IACD MOOC provided in the link below:
      Best wishes,
      Your IACD MOOC admin team

  15. Jay Miko Bragas says:

    good but not for data users and no other resources for internet connection

  16. Faith Lea Grace Martin says:

    looking forward to learn more

  17. Ruth Joy Kinggingan says:

    Does anyone know how to change the school where I am enrolled in here in Erasmus plus friends?

    • IACD MOOC Team says:

      Dear IACD MOOC Learner,
      It is our greatest pleasure to inform you that you can change your home university in the Edit My Profile section on the top right corner of the screen, where you can see your username.
      If you need any further assistance, we will be more than happy to help you!
      Best wishes,
      Your IACD MOOC admin team

      • Ruth Joy Kinggingan says:

        Thank you. But, there is no other option that I see where my university name is. It only contain my profile, but there is no option about it.

        • IACD MOOC Team says:

          Dear IACD MOOC Learner,
          Thank you for your comment! Please provide us with the name of your home university so that we may assist you further.
          Your IACD MOOC admin team

  18. Saruom Ton says:

    It’s very interesting online course that I have ever studied!????

  19. Kristian Calimag says:


  20. Gil Mark Mongalini says:

    nice i made it! thank you so much!
    ive learned a lot!
    pengeng skin sana

  21. Maryvil Sandoval says:

    Thank you very much for this MOOC. I have learned a lot.

  22. Mary Grace Mateo says:

    Thank you for the wonderful lessons and informations you have given to us. ❤

  23. Yam Kumar Poudel says:


  24. Darren dela Cruz says:

    It was great!

  25. Lemuel Tindungan says:

    NALPASEN very nice

  26. Gwyneth Joann Adriano says:

    it was a great experience. i learned a lot.

  27. Kathleen Joyce Patay says:

    A big thumbs up to everyone who exert so much effort for this MOOC, it was helpful and fun doing this. I had fun and gained information about intercultural. Thank you for this Opportunity.

  28. Pema Lhendup says:

    Thank you FRIENDS project. I learnt a lot from this course.

  29. April May Suquib says:

    i learned a lot .:)

  30. Reniel Colaljo says:

    Thank you IACD MOOC

  31. cam says:

    I graduated yayyy lol

  32. John Rhey Caro says:

    This is Lit!

  33. Jasper June Raguini says:

    I learned a lot

  34. Kyla Fernandez says:

    Thank you for creating this IACD MOOC it helped me understand more about different things that I can’t even understand back then.

  35. Saruom Ton says:

    Thank you so much for creating this amazing project! I am looking forward to learning more about your new projects!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  36. Jovani Dup-et says:

    Thank you for the wonderful experience and for the bountiful Knowledge that you have given to us individuals that are partaking this project

  37. Gelian Navarro says:

    This mooc is really helpful

  38. Joanna Jothi says:

    its nice

  39. Jacezeiel Kaye Pangda says:


  40. Krisha Mae Rivera says:

    It was a great experience and I’ve learned a lot in this program.

  41. Krisha Mae Rivera says:

    Thank you so much <3

  42. Krisha Mae Rivera says:

    This course was great and very flexible 🙂

  43. Delfin Jr. Ceniza says:

    Keep on learning while iron is still hot. Learn about different cultures is interesting.

  44. Isidro Jr Marimon says:

    Thank you for this kind of learning it’s make me challenge but fun and exciting

  45. Ruby Mae Pascua says:

    Thank you for the lessons!

  46. Nemia Panilaga says:

    I Thank you for the lessons!
    But I cannot download the certificate..

  47. LIEZEL MARAÑAN says:

    This can give as strength and to learn, behalf of this pandemic we will success

  48. LIEZEL MARAÑAN says:

    This activity give as knowledge to learn ang also to pursue our dreams as will😊

  49. LIEZEL MARAÑAN says:

    Thank you for the knowledge that I have learned to this activity😊but sad to say that I cannot download the certificate

  50. May I ask for some assistance in changing my home University as I accidentally chose the wrong University? I don’t know how to change my home University since it does not include in “edit profile.” I hope for your understanding. Thank you very much.

    • IACD MOOC Team says:

      Dear Andrei,

      Thank you very much for the information!

      Please kindly note that on the top right corner of your screen, you will be able to see your Name and your Profile Picture. When you click there, there is a mentu “Edit Profile”. In this menu, you will be able to find the function of changing your home university.

      However, in case you experience some difficulties, it will be our greatest pleasure to assist you further!

      Have a wonderful day!

      Kind regards,
      IACD MOOC Team

  51. Ma. Christine Angela Esteban says:

    This course is helpful and a great aid for us students to learn about the different cultures aside from ours! 🙂

  52. KHATE MACAIBA says:

    AMAZING! 🙂

  53. Rona Jean Agbon says:

    A lot of new ideas and learning we can gained through this course activities.

  54. Reendee Reneleen Coplat says:

    This course is very helpful, it gave knowledge about other cultures.

  55. Cherry May Centino says:


  56. ALLIAH LOPEZ says:


  57. John Ryandel De Guzman says:


  58. Angelica Rico says:


  59. Marivic Rose Abad says:


  60. Angella Jule Requina says:


  61. Kean cedric Agbay says:


  62. Kristine Mae Acojedo says:


  63. Milcah De Guzman says:


  64. Gelmar Tuazon says:

    Its great

  65. Marianne Liezel Carbonell says:

    This course is very helpful, it enhanced knowledge about other cultures.



  67. Charmaine Molina says:

    Thank you for the eye-opening concepts and discussions!

  68. Alford Loid Tamilan says:


  69. April Cornelio says:

    It is very helpful. I’ve learned a lot from different cultures.

  70. Joan Cabacungan says:

    This is very helpful.

  71. Giovanni Nicolas says:


  72. Ralph Yasser Soria says:

    This looks interesting!

  73. Hana Patricia Rodriguez says:

    It is very helpful

  74. Abner Chris Valdez says:

    Thank you

  75. Raizza Jem Lozano says:

    Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  76. Femme De Guzman says:

    Very helpful

  77. Michael Renz Mejia says:

    May 22, 2022 at 11:31 pm

  78. Russell Carlo De Leon says:

    Thank ypu

  79. Dummory Joseff Febrei Estepa says:

    I was here

  80. Darren Casem says:

    This was very informative and comprehensive!!

  81. Patrisha Beatrice Santos says:

    Thank you

  82. Zaida Balcita says:

    Thank you friends, I have learned a lot from this

  83. Kristine Alyza Reyes says:

    Thanks for this.

  84. France kae Paglinawan says:

    Exciting and great

  85. Alexandra Gonzales says:

    Thank you for the lessons!

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