Digital Storytelling

The Digital Storytelling Manual was developed by Asian FRIENDS project experts with the aim to equip the students with initial knowledge and basic skills necessary to design and produce from scratch an interesting and inspiring digital story. Each of the Asian HEIs’ students motivated to apply for and achieve the Intercultural Passport certificate will need to develop and submit a digital story capturing an experience of him/her obtained in an internationalĀ and/or intercultural context that made him/her learn a lesson on the importance of cultural diversity, intercultural awareness, tolerance and mutual understanding. The current document clarifies the digital storytelling guidelines and entry rules, the mechanics of digital storytelling, the key steps in creating a digital story as well as the judging process and criteria to be applied in the process of digital storiesā€˜ assessment and evaluation.

Learn more about digital storytelling through the promotional video created by the FRIENDS project team at APU in Malaysia:

To download the Digital Storytelling Manual, click here.