Student Digital Stories from APU, Malaysia

Second Digital Storytelling Contest at APU (2022)

As the Covid-19 pandemic swept through the world, our FRIENDS from the Philippines, Thailand, Bhutan, Malaysia and Cambodia were also affected. While the uncertainty around the globe affected all fields of life, FRIENDS’ digital stories transformed into a way of connecting internationally, at least virtually, while no other international travel was allowed.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, another Digital Storytelling contest was conducted in 2022. The winning video creators in the Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation are Chan See Mun, Kew Jiun Jie, Koo Jie Lin, and Ng Shuang Yin. Their digital stories, as well as the many other submitted, can be viewed at the following link.

First Digital Storytelling Contest at APU (2020)

In total, 17 student digital stories were developed by students of APU in Malaysia in the framework of the Digital Storytelling Contest facilitated by the institution. The Contest was conducted in the framework of Intercultural Passport virtual module’s piloting stage at APU in 2020. You can watch all videos submitted in the Contest below.

The digital stories created by Lau Yi Xian, Shahiryar Saleem and Tan Wai Kaey were ranked first, second and respectively third based on the assessment of the jury and the number of points collected. Congratulations to the three student winners at APU!

Intercultural Experiences – Lau Yi Xian
Cultural Beliefs and Values – Shahiryar Saleem
My Intercultural Experience – Tan Wai Kaey
Tang-Yuan – Chia Zhi
My Digital Story – Adla Ghina Basalamah
My Journey as International Student in Malaysia – Aiminath Thuga Shahid
Cross-Cultural Experience – Esther Butao
Digital Story – Nathanielle Marie-Ange J
Digital Story – Sharbanu Nurgazy
My Experience in Malaysia – Zakariyyah Bawamia
My Journey to Become International Citizen – Dooshyant Rai Kallychurn
Erasmus+ FRIENDS –
Justin Louis Halim
The Story of My Life – Manahil Rahmatullah
My Digital Story – Kishen Shanthan Jegathesh
My Multicultural Family – Johari Idzaman Bin Dzulkarnain
My Digital Story – Taha
My International Experience –
Oguljan Berdiyeva

All videos crafted by APU students throughout the project life time could be found here on the FRIENDS Youtube Channel.