Student Digital Stories from BUC, Malaysia

In total, 18 student digital stories were developed by students of BUC in Malaysia in the framework of the Digital Storytelling Contest facilitated by the institution. The Contest was conducted in the framework of Intercultural Passport virtual module’s piloting stage at BUC in 2020. You can watch all videos submitted in the Contest below.

The digital stories created by Jonathan Tan, Meow Sin Yee and Chin Li Tze were ranked first, second and respectively third based on the assessment of the jury and the number of points collected. Congratulations to the three student winners at BUC!

All videos crafted by BUC students throughout the FRIENDS project life time could be found here.

Jonathan’s Story – Jonathan Tan
Cultural Experience Growing up as a Malaysian – Meow Sin Yie
Unlocking Malaysia – Chin Li Tze
My Story – Muhammad
Peranakan Culture – Foong Tse Jia
My Story – Umeka Kato
Penang Food – Lim Chai Rou
Interesting Facts about Malaysia – Adrian Lai Kum Kuan
Malaysia Culture – Jared Hanz Ooi
Muar, My Town – Lee Wei Hao
Malaysia Culture – Brian Sanjay
Japanese Language – Ng Jun Ming
Cross-Cultural Food between Malaysia and Singapore –
Nuraina Fadzila Mohd Bakhtiar
Hari Raya tradition in Malaysia – Nor Faezah Mohd
Nor Zam
The Beauty of Diverse Culture in Malaysia – Carmen Yong
My Intercultural Journey – Aniyl
My Heritage – Heng Chuin Kang
Malaysia Culture – Khoo Seow Shii