Student Digital Stories from MSU, Thailand

In total, 15 student digital stories were developed by students of MSU in Thailand in the framework of the Digital Storytelling Contest facilitated by the institution. The Contest was conducted in the framework of Intercultural Passport virtual module’s piloting stage at MSU in 2020. You can watch all videos submitted in the Contest below.

The digital stories created by Wasin Tonmat, Sitthiphon Malison and At Dechalerd were ranked first, second and respectively third based on the assessment of the jury and the number of points collected. Congratulations to the three student winners at MSU!

All videos crafted by MSU students throughout the FRIENDS project life time could be found here.

What I Learned from Meeting Exchange Students – Wasin Tonmat
Isan Countryside, Thailand – Sitthiphon Malison
Pad Kapao – a Delightful Little Meal Quarantine Style – At Dechalerd
Bun Ha Waad – Wanida
I Didn’t Give Up, Turned Around Instead! – Shadhin Barua Nishu
My Experience – Life in Russia – Suphitsara Senatham
Tawan Chay – Philaiphen
Ban Phu Homestay – Thanwarat Khonphian
Khaeng Loeng Chan – Kanwara Pongphontong
Let’s Drink Tea – Nattawipa
Tomyam – Sahatsawat Taithilen
Rot Tuk Tuk – Jittakron Phusopa
Som-Tam – Taksin Phonhom
Khanom Mongkhon – Nitthan Taowan
Keang Thai – Jed Akathat