Student Digital Stories from PSU, Thailand

In total, 18 student digital stories were developed by students of PSU in Thailand in the framework of the Digital Storytelling Contest facilitated by the institution. The Contest was conducted in the framework of Intercultural Passport virtual module’s piloting stage at PSU in 2020. You can watch all videos submitted in the Contest below.

The digital stories created by Inthira Pannoo, Saengraya Kitisanteanporn and Mickjacker Abson were ranked first, second and respectively third based on the assessment of the jury and the number of points collected. Congratulations to the three student winners at PSU!

All videos crafted by PSU students throughout the FRIENDS project life time could be found here.

Wai – Inthira Pannoo
My Colorful Hometown – Saengraya Kitisanteanporn
Exchange Overcome – Mickjacker Abson
New Happiness – Patchariya
International Man – Supakorn Srisawat
Inside Thailand – Chosita Khongsuwan
Once Upon a Time – Sarawut Khamset
My Journey – Art Christian Gordovez
Morning in Thailand – Teerayuth Kamead
The Hidden Thruth of My Life – Sittichoke Dechanun
First Time Experience – Tharit Urairat
Tak Bard on Buddah – Khwankamon Singhabumrung
Kaikem Chaiya – Nattapat Saripat
Never Know, Never Open Mind – Siraprapa Sansanoa
My Hometown – Sarawut Thaidee
Having a Lovely Time – Jamaree Prachumrat
Cross-Cultural Communication – Kanyaphak Pussadee
Amazing Pattani City – Wanaffan Nisni