2nd FRIENDS Meeting

Istanbul Aydin University, Turkey

11-14 June 2019

The 2nd FRIENDS meeting was attended by 39 participants representing all 16 partner HEIs involved in the project. The 4-day meeting took place at the premises of IAU in Istanbul, a city that is a symbol of cultural diversity in itself. The meeting agenda included panels on project management and planning, quality, and dissemination. During the meeting, the FRIENDS partners discussed and endorsed the FRIENDS Code of Conduct that establishes the guiding principles and values to be followed by all project team members, target users and stakeholders when engaging with the project. The 2nd partner meeting was combined with the workshop European Higher Education in the World, a staff training delivered by the European partners that kick-started the capacity building activities in Work Package 2.

2nd FRIENDS Meeting Agenda

2nd FRIENDS Meeting Minutes

FRIENDS Code of Conduct

WP7 FRIENDS Dissemination Panel

WP5 FRIENDS Quality Panel

WP8 Equipment Panel

WP2 IaH From Awareness to Action: the Way Ahead

WP4 FRIENDS Teahouses: the Way Ahead

3rd FRIENDS Meeting Planning_1

3rd FRIENDS Meeting Planning_2

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