Career Fairs Local Markets for Global Talents in Thailand


Career Fair Local Markets for Global Talents at PSU, April 2021

The FRIENDS Career Fair Local Markets for Global Talents was organized by PSU, in collaboration with the Songkhla Provincial Employment Office, as part of the Erasmus+ FRIENDS project global competence development objective. The event was held on 7-8 April 2021 from 9.00 16.00 hrs at the PSU International Convention Center, Hat Yai Campus. 63 leading national and international companies offered over 1000 vacancies through the exhibition booths. 212 students from Songkhla and other Southern provinces joined this event. (Career Fair Agenda, FRIENDS Career Fair Summary Evaluation, Social Media Screenshots (1, 2, 3)

Career Fairs Local Markets for Global Talents at MSU, May 2022

On 3 May 2022, MSU joined hands with the Maha Sarakham Provincial Employment Office in the organization of MSU FRIENDS Virtual Career Fair as part of the exploitation activities in the Erasmus+ FRIENDS project. The objective was to provide MSU students and the general public with information about job vacancies,  meet the labor market demand as well as helping job seekers in learning new professional skills. Moreover, the agenda included a special lecture delivered by 3 speakers on the topics of resume writing, job interview preparation and how to be successful at work. The Careers Fair attracted 252 students and 28 employers. The list of employers included names like Lufthansa Services, Etihad Airways, Mahan Air, Zuzu Hospitality, and other hospitality local and national companies. (FRIENDS Career Fair Poster, Career Fair Facebook Announcement, Career Fair Announcement, Career Fair Agenda, FRIENDS Career Fair List of Companies, FRIENDS Career Fair Speaker Presentation (1), FRIENDS Career Fair Speaker Presentation (2), MSU FRIENDS Career Fair Video Recording)


Mahasarakham Provincial Employment Office Videos:





FRIENDS Career Fair at PYU, September 2022

On 21 September 2022, PYU held a face-to-face event called Smart PYU and Job Fair 2022 as part of the FRIENDS project exploitation activities. The one-day event aimed to bring together talented PYU students and graduates with global skills and local and national companies. The FRIENDS Career Fair at PYU attracted over 35 local, national, and international employers. 226 students from the 3rd and 4th year programmes, as well as 75 alumni and PYU staff attended the event which included motivational speeches, workshops on resume building and intercultural skills, and other related activities. Students also had the chance to engage with potential employers as well as explore further education and professional development opportunities. Among the 35 companies that honored the event were Anantara Chiangmai Resort, Essex University, EVENT 59, Pearson PET Academy, Thai Work Inter Co., Ltd, Thai Cabin Crew, Swiss Education Group, and Focus Optic. (Agenda of the Event, Career Fair Promotional Links)

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