Career Fairs Local Markets for Global Talents in the Philippines


Career Fair Local Markets for Global Talents at UC, June 2022

A face-to-face Career Fair took place at UC on 2 June and 3 June 2022 from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM.  It was held at the Banilad Senior High School Building. With the theme of “Navigating the Local and International Market Amid the New Normal, the event featured a variety of booths, talks, and presentations by professionals for students and attendees to help learn more about job opportunities. At UC FRIENDS Career Fair, students were exposed to a diverse range of jobs to suit their equally diverse fields of specialisation, and provided the invited national and multinational companies with competent graduates who are willing to transform the lives of the Filipino people.

The FRIENDS Career Fair was held in partnership with the Department of Labor and Employment and Department of Manpower Development and Placement. It was a university-wide activity that inspired and motivated the students, built teams and networks, and upheld public service values. 35 employers, and 668 job-seekers participated in the 2-days event. (Career Fair News Article on May 23rd, Career Fair News Article on June 6th, Event Poster, Career Fair Evaluation Report by Companies, Career Fair Evaluation Report by Students, UC Venue Layout, FRIENDS Career Fair Backdrop, FRIENDS Career Fair Navigation Card, FRIENDS Career Fair Invitation, FRIENDS Career Fair List of Employers, Career Fair Students’ Guide, Career Fair Procedures for Students, FRIENDS Career Fair Agenda)


Career Fair Local Markets for Global Talents at CTU, June 2022

A virtual FRIENDS Career Fair at CTU was held on 24 June 2022. The event was attended by 559 students in hope of finding employees and jobs. Both local and overseas employers and partner agencies attended the online CTU’s Career Fair. Despite the COVID-19 related restrictions, CTU managed to organize the event in such a way that both employers and students were able to communicate directly online and later on offline. During the Career Fair, formal presentations of the participating employers were distributed among participants. The event evaluation showed that more than 75% of the respondents said the Career Fair was excellent or very good in terms or organisation, presentation and employers’ line up. (CTU FRIENDS Career Fair Poster #1, CTU FRIENDS Career Fair Poster #2, Career Fair Agenda, FRIENDS Career Fair List of Companies Registered, FRIENDS Career Fair Dissemination, Video Recording from the Career Fair)


Career Fair Local Markets for Global Talents at SLU, October 2022

To liaise between the students and employers and to promote global competence as a key tool for employability, SLU organised a one-day FRIENDS Career Fair entitled Local Markets for Global Talents. The Career Fair that took place on 7 October 2022, provided the invited employers with a platform and opportunity to present their companies and talent management strategies. On the other hand, SLU students were offered the chance to engage in one-on-one sessions with the employers and to present their portfolios (including of global competence) and intercultural experiences. 921 students attended the event with 30 companies actively involved (Career Fair Activity Description, Event Agenda, Career Fair Poster, FRIENDS Career Fair Activity Documentation (Post-Event)



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