FRIENDS Caravans in Bhutan


To promote FRIENDS project’s key achievements and benefits to students of HEIs in Bhutan that are not FRIENDS consortium members, RTC and RIM run in early 2022 a FRIENDS Caravan campaign that included 2 virtual Caravan events. In total, 117 Bhutanese students outside the FRIENDS project were reached out and got acquainted with the the Intercultural Passport virtual module.

FRIENDS Caravan by RTC, February 2022

The FRIENDS Project Caravan was conducted by RTC on 28 February 2022 as part of the FRIENDS Intercultural Passport virtual module’s promotional campaign and exploitation activities. The virtual Caravan event with Norbuling Rigter College in Paro briefly introduced the audience to the FRIENDS Project. RTC students, already successful Intercultural Passport holders, talked about how completing the IACD MOOC and creating a digital story gave them a different perspective to culture. They also mentioned how the Teahouse has benefited the students on campus.

The Caravan event concluded with Ms Tshering thanking the Dean of Norbuling Rigter College, Mr. Kuenzang Dorji, for facilitating this caravan event. A total of 91 attendees participants attended the RTC FRIENDS Caravan (Agenda of the Event, Event’s Minutes, FRIENDS Caravan Poster, Presentation on the Internationalisation at Home (IaH), FRIENDS Caravan Presentation)


FRIENDS Caravan by RIM, February 2022

On 28 February 2022 RIM held its FRIENDS Caravan. Gedu College was the virtual host of the event. The Caravan began with Ms Sonam Wangmo welcoming the students from Gedu College. The first part of the event focused on the FRIENDS project goals and achievements to this day, which included a brief presentation of the FRIENDS Teahouse concept, IACD MOOC, and the Intercultural Passport virtual learning tool.

RIM students who are already successful Intercultural Passport holders explained how they learned various skills through the IACD MOOC such as intercultural communication, time management and multitasking, and how completing the course challenged their capabilities to succeed. The RIM FRIENDS team was represented by Ms Sonam Wangmo along with the Ms Sonam Pelden Thaye, and Ms Kesang Dechen. The event was attended by 26 participants. (FRIENDS Caravan Agenda, Presentation on Internationalisation@Home (IaH), Intercultural Awareness & Cultural Diversity presentation, Minutes of the event)

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