FRIENDS Caravans in Malaysia


FRIENDS Caravans – August 19th, 2022

On August 19th, 2022 Berjaya University College held a FRIENDS Caravan event part of the activities under the FRIENDS Project. Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation co-hosted the event. Guests from Taylors University as well as from IACT College attended the event.

The Caravan session started with briefing and introduction by all FRIENDS team members that were present followed by a welcome address by Ronald Willie Binati. After the introduction Ronald proceeded to explain what is the Erasmus+ FRIENDS project and how it contributes to the Internationalisation process to student and staff of Berjaya UC and APU, the partner institution in Malaysia for the same project. He then went to explain the IACD MOOC and the main purpose of the invitation is to promote the IACD MOOC to the students from other universities and how it would add to their knowledge, what Interculturality means. He encourages them to register for the MOOC.

Then the recorded video of Ayse Deniz Ozkan from Istanbul Aydin University were played. Ayse in the video shared about what interculturality means and gave examples how this process can happen and what it will do especially in our organisation and society. The event ended with Q&A as well as group photo session and some light refreshments.

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