FRIENDS Caravans in the Philippines


To promote FRIENDS project’s key achievements and benefits to students of HEIs in the Philippines that are not FRIENDS consortium members, UC, SLU, and CTU organized and conducted in total 11 virtual FRIENDS Caravan events. Nearly 1500 students from 11 HEIs in the Philippines outside the FRIENDS project were reached out and got acquainted with the the Intercultural Passport virtual module.

 FRIENDS Caravans by UC, November 2021

In November 2021, four events were completed by UC as part of the FRIENDS Caravans activity. The virtual events took place on 15 November 2021 (with 78 attendees), two events on 18 November 2021 (total of 27 attendees) and the last FRIENDS Caravan happened on 20 November 2021 (89 attendees).

During the events, an overview of the IACD MOOC as part of the Intercultural Passport virtual module was given by Ms. Edilyn Lopez, part of the FRIENDS Team at UC. SLU students who already proudly hold the International Passport gave testimonies at the four organized events. In addition to the students’ presentations, their digital stories were presented to the audiences. The FRIENDS Caravans also included virtual games and trivia. Closing remarks at the Caravans were given by Ms. Teena Hernaez-Gomoz. (Video Recording from the Events – 15 November 2021, 18 November 2021 – first and second event, 20 November 2021, FRIENDS Caravans Agenda, FRIENDS Caravans Presentation, Evaluation of the Events)


FRIENDS Caravans by SLU, October 2022

During the last couple of days of October 2022, SLU conducted 4 online FRIENDS Caravans. The vitual meetings, held on 18 October, 19 October, 22 October, and 26 October 2022, attracted a total of 928 participants. SLU presented to the audience the achievements of the FRIENDS project to this day, with SLU students who attended the FRIENDS Bootcamp sharing their exciting story of travelling to Bulgaria and meeting new FRIENDS from different countries. Bootcampers also highlighted the importance of the Intercultural Passport virtual module and the benefits it gives in the everyday life. The fours FRIENDS Caravans by SLU attracted students from University of Baguio, Kalinga State University, St. Thomas More College, and the Divine Word College of Vigan. (18 October Caravan Agenda, 19 October Caravan Agenda, 22 October Caravan Agenda, 26 October Caravan Agenda, Caravan with the University of Baguio, Caravan with Kalinga State University, Caravan with the Divine Word College of Vigan)

Digital Story By Gianella Isais

FRIENDS Caravans by the CTU, April 2022

More than 300 participants from Visayas and Mindanao state universities joined CTU in strengthening interculturalism as the overarching mandate of the Erasmus + FRIENDS project on 26 April 2022 (77 attendees), 27 April 2022 (78 attendees), and 28 April 2022 (214 attendees).

Despite the hiatus caused by the pandemic, the events were well received by students and teachers of Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology, Northwestern Mindanao College of Science and Technology, and Cebu Normal University, who were also exposed to other FRIENDS activities earlier in 2022. (FRIENDS Caravans Press Release, Video from the FRIENDS Caravans by CTU held on 26 April 2022, Video from the FRIENDS Caravans by CTU held on 27 April 2022, Video from the FRIENDS Caravans by CTU held on 28 April 2022)

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