FRIENDS Virtual Film Fest

17 October 2020

In 2020, the FRIENDS community joined the #Erasmus Days 2020 global initiative by taking part in the first ever FRIENDS Virtual Film Fest. The virtual event was facilitated via zoom and livestreamed at FRIENDS project’s facebook page. The film fest’s official programme included digital stories crafted in the FRIENDS project as part of the involved Asian students’ efforts to obtain an Intercultural Passport. The student stories of friendship, personal growth and mutual understanding had been preselected by project experts in the following three categories: best visual effects, best script and best short film. In addition, in the weeks leading to the virtual event, family, friends and fans of the digital stories’ authors had the opportunity to vote for their favorite video on the FRIENDS project’s facebook page. The video with the highest number of likes received the audience award. In total, more than 2200 visitors of the FRIENDS project facebook page have watched the event. Also, thanks to the FRIENDS Virtual Film Fest the number of FRIENDS project followers on facebook has tripled within less than 2 weeks.

The winners in the first FRIENDS Virtual Film Fest are as follows:

Best Short Film and Best Visual Effects categories:

Digital Story title: Wai

Author: Inthira Pannoo

Best Script category

Digital story title: What I Learned from Meeting Exchange Students

Author: Wasin Tonmat

Audience Award

Digital story title: Behind the Screens

Author: Earl Marie Regulacion

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