IaH National Conference in Bhutan


The National FRIENDS Conference in Bhutan was conducted by the Royal Institute of Management jointly with the Royal Thimphu College on 27th February, 2022. The National Conference event also had a brief introduction to the FRIENDS Project including its purpose and focus on Capacity Building in Higher Education Institute’s like RIM and RTC.

Although the initial plan for the conduct of National Conference was to carry it out virtually with the esteemed guest and other participants, the RIM and RTC FRIENDS project team later decided to do it face-to-face mode. in total, 52 participants were present.

The National conference started with Ms. Sonam Wangmo welcoming the external guests and their faculty members to the event. The conference continued with the introduction of the FRIENDS team with the participants of the event. The first part of the conference focused on the FRIENDS Project including a brief presentation on the project and also explaining why such a project is beneficial for HEIs.

Followed by the presentation on the FRIENDS project, Ms. Leki Dem Tamang and Ms. Kencho took turns to present on the first and second presentations.

– Presentation on IaH strengths and benefits from both students and university perspectives.

– Presentation on Cultural Diversity in academia as a diver for personal and institutional growth.

Mr. Sonam Tshewang presented on the following topic: Promotion of Intercultural awareness and tolerance in the society. The fourth part of the event focused on the question and answering session with the participants from the other HEIs and Ministry of Education and Royal University of Bhutan.

The conference concluded with filling up of the satisfaction form for the National conference by the participants and thanking each guest members for their presence for the event despite their busy schedule.

FRIENDS National Conference Agenda

FRIENDS Project Presentation

Presentation on Cultural Diversity in Academia as a Driver for Personal and Institutional Growth

Presentation on Benefits for Students & University Perspective

Presentation on Intercultural Awareness and Tolerance to Cultural Diversity

FRIENDS National Conference Minutes

FRIENDS National Conference in Bhutan Flyer

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