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Intercultural Passport Exploitation – Endorsement Letter on Institutional Level

FRIENDS Reunion at CTU, September 2022

Two FRIENDS Reunion events were conducted at CTU on 8 September, and respectively 13 September 2022. Delays caused the by COVID-19 related restrictions were the reason the Reunions could not take place in September 2021 as originally planned. Nevertheless, the two online events in September 2022 attracted students from different fields and backgrounds. A total of 168 participants were part of the FRIENDS Reunion events held by CTU. During an online event, it may be sometimes hard to entertain the audience and to connect. The FRIENDS Reunions at CTU however were a successful example that even during online meetings, participants can communicate just as freely as they would have during a face-to-face gathering. The events’ agenda included project results and impact presentations on the importance of cultural dialogue and the relevance of intercultural awareness and competence from employability point of view. The event highlighted various stages through which the project has gone through over the past two years marked by the COVID-19 pandemic. It provided a stage to CTU students to reflect about their involvement in the project and the difference the CTU FRIENDS Teahouse is making on campus. (FRIENDS Reunion Agenda – September 8th, 2022, FRIENDS Reunion Agenda – September 13th, 2022, Reunion Promotional Poster, Reunion Flyer, FRIENDS Reunion Presentation, FRIENDS Reunion Video Recording – September 8th, 2022, FRIENDS Reunion Video Recording – September 13th, 2022, Facebook Link for the Event)

FRIENDS International and Intercultural Festival at CTU, June 2021

CTU organised their two-day FRIENDS Festival virtually and under the slogan of “Celebrate Culture, Delight in Diversity”. The agenda of CTU’s FRIENDS International and Intercultural Festival is available here. The outcomes of the celebrations were about the internationalised curriculum and quality assurance for globally competent and to access the students in an international opportunity to study and work across the globe. Moreover, the festival aimed to have its relevant research collaboration for economic and sustainable development and implement and promote sound and efficient management in an internationalised activity.

CTU Barili presented their video made by the faculty member on Intercultural Awareness and Cultural Diversity as part of their Digital Storytelling Contest. With 2015 participants registered from different global countries and watched the virtual 1st International and Intercultural Festival with the invited speakers, Prof. Hiroyuki Ishizaki – Culture and Internationalization of Engineering and Technology from Japan and Prof. Linus Kipchirchir Chumba – Culture and internationalization Maritime from Kenya.

The Chairperson of CTU Engineering and Technology, Engr. Ronald Galindo, introduced the first speaker on 10 June 2021, Professor Hiroyuki Ishizaki, a visiting professor of Cebu Institute of Technology-Japan and graduated from Subashi University with a Bachelor of Arts Law and University Southern California. Hiroyuki tackled the relationship and variables of Intercultural Diversity and showcased Shibaura Institute’s programs of different students in the university.

Professor Linus Kipchirchir Chumba distinguished the importance of cultural awareness and diversity of culture, precisely Kenyan time, and the importance of empathy and genuine self-regarding of the education system as part of their learning development progress.

Further, Dr. Alma Rosilo Magno introduced the guest speaker for the second day of the CTU International and Intercultural Festival on 11 June 2021, who was Professor Harniza Sarmin, a professor of mathematics in the faculty of science University Technology Malaysia or UTM—received a Bachelor of Science with honors in master’s and a Ph.D. in Mathematics from the State University of Binghamton New York, USA. Professor Sarmin of Malaysia shared their prestigious university’s accomplishments, and Honorata Dudek-Frysiak – a motivated manager with experience in managing and implementing international projects in which she has successfully established relationships and cooperation in enabling the implementation of new opportunities – also shared their university’s accomplishments and programs.

Furthermore, CTU students who participated in Intercultural Awareness and Cultural Diversity were awarded the Digital Storytelling Contest. Hence, the event’s impact helps to promote a good internationalization engagement and mobility, curriculum, research collaboration, reputation build-up, and centralization of information. Over the course of the two events, on 10 June and 11 June, 2015 attendees participated (Malaysia: Culture & Internationalization of  Engineering and Technology by Prof. Dr. Nor Haniza Sarmin, Japan: Culture & Internationalization of Engineering and Technology, Poland: Culture & Internationzalisation of International University of Logistics and Transport).

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Home Away From Home at CTU

Official Opening Event at CTU, August 2020

On 27 August 2020 in the framework of CTU’s Virtual Internationalization and ASEAN Week Celebrations, CTU project team members organized and facilitated online the CTU FRIENDS Teahouse’s launching event. CTU’s multicultural student hub is built to emphasize the essence of breaking down barriers that exist among individuals, objects, and ideas. The design for the CTU’s FRIENDS Teahouse located in the CTU-Main Campus used natural and recycled materials of different shapes and colors to emphasize the essence of linking with nature and the real world. At CTU, the word TEA represents three solid dimensional views of friendship like Trust, Empathy & Acquaintance in a house. The CTU FRIENDS Teahouse is a fully equipped space wherein diners can freely choose and prepare from a full range of teas (hot & iced) with choices from varied pastries, cookies, and cakes with the assistance of BSHM student trainees and well-trained volunteers in the University. The CTU FRIENDS Teahouse is a place to freely exchange views from all folks of life connecting with friends and find enlightenment in everyday life to fit the changing needs of the modern community.

FRIENDS Teahouse on CTU Organisational Chart

FRIENDS Teahouse formal establishment at CTU