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Event Calendar – 2023

Intercultural Passport Exploitation – Endorsement Letter on Institutional Level

FRIENDS Reunion at MSU, October 2022

On 13 October 2022, MSU organized an online FRIENDS Reunion. With this dissemination event the university aimed to promote on campus the FRIENDS project impact and major achievements. The events’ agenda included project results and presentations, as well as discussion on the relevance of intercultural awareness and competence from employability point of view. A total of 62 attendees participated in the online event. (FRIENDS Reunion Agenda, FRIENDS Reunion at MSU – Presentation)

FRIENDS International and Intercultural Festival at MSU, June 2021

On June 15 June and 16 June 2021, MSU held the FRIENDS International and Intercultural Festival as part of the activities in the FRIENDS project. MSU had 485 participants among them faculty, students and staff. During the event an overview of the FRIENDS project was presented, and cultural activities took place like an introduction to the Thai and Isan food, presentation entitled “Seductive place in Thailand”, and Chinese music performance.

As a follow-up, discussion was held on the topic of culture shock and how to overcome it while travelling. Event evaluation among 404 responses collected showed total of 83,64% participants were either satisfied or very satisfied with the event execution. The agenda of the FRIENDS International and Intercultural Festival at MSU cold be found here (The Rise of Intercultural Collaboration: Hello, Straingers! by Chaiya Preeda, Get Closer to International Episodes: Hi, FRIENDS! by Chaiya Preeda)

Event Calendar (version as of October 2022)

Event Calendar (version as of May 2021)

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Home Away From Home at MSU

Official Opening Event at MSU, May 2021

Asst. Prof. Dr. Peera Phanlukthao, Assistant to the President for Public Relations and International Affairs, Mahasarakham University presides over the opening ceremony for the official opening ceremony of MSU FRIENDS Teahouse organized by the Office of International Affairs,  Mahasarakham University on 25 May 2021. The OIA Staff invited the Assistant to the President for Public Relations and International Affairs to visit the MSU FRIENDS Teahouse.

The establishment of the MSU FRIENDS Teahouse is intended to be a hub for MSU students and personnel, both at home and abroad, to join in activities, share experiences Including the creation of a learning society across races and intercultural communication.

FRIENDS Teahouse on MSU Organisational Chart

FRIENDS Teahouse formal establishment at MSU