FRIENDS Teahouse at PSU, Thailand

Official Opening Event at PSU, October 2020

On 27 October 2020, PSU International Affairs Office (IAO) arranged an opening ceremony to mark the establishment and launch of PSU FRIENDS Teahouse. Students from various faculties joined the event along with PSU staff and administrators. To nurture their global skills, participants joined and enjoyed playing various games arranged by the coordinating students under the supervision of PSU IAO staff. The three PSU students in charge of co-running the FRIENDS Teahouse at the University who will also take part in the FRIENDS project’s Student Boot Camp in 2021, shared their experiences and knowledge gained through the recent Online Introduction to the Student Boot Camp. They also presented the FRIENDS Teahouse’s initial agenda reflecting upcoming activities and initiatives. The PSU FRIENDS Teahouse‚Äôs missions are to create a social space for students and staff from different backgrounds, to develop a society of learning based on multicultural environment, and to promote tolerance, mutual respect, and understanding among students and staff across campus. The FRIENDS Teahouse is expected to quickly evolve into a lively student social hub to welcome and foster multiculturalism and diversity on campus.

FRIENDS Teahouse on PSU Organisational Chart

FRIENDS Teahouse formal establishment at PSU