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Intercultural Passport Exploitation – Endorsement Letter on Institutional Level

FRIENDS Reunions at RIM, April 2022

A FRIENDS Reunion event was conducted by RIM on 1 April 1st 2022 as part of the FRIENDS project activities. Although the initial plan was to conduct the Reunion event in February with the Academic Committee members of the institute in February, this was not possible due to the spike in Covid-19 cases in Bhutan which resulted in a lock-down until 28 March 2022. However, with the approval of the management and the cooperation of other FRIENDS project teams, RIM was able to organize an online the event on 1 April 2022 with a total of 50 participants present. The FRIENDS Reunion began with Ms. Sonam Wangmo welcoming the Academic Committee members to the event. The FRIENDS project team was represented by Ms. Sonam Wangmo along with the Ms Sonam Pelden Thaye (Director RIM), Ms. Kesang Dechen (Principal Librarian) and Ms. Kuenga Yangki (faculty member). The programme continued with a brief introduction to the FRIENDS project’s key objectives and activities. The event’s agenda included also a presentation of key project results and inspirational speeches by Ms. Kesang Dechen and Ms Kuenga Yangki. Ms. Sonam Pelden Thaye, Director, RIM emphasized the importance of the intercultural awareness and competence from employability point of view. The Reunion event at RIM was another chance to promote the FRIENDS’ impact and major achievements, and helped attending RIM alumni to notice various changes that RIM has gone through since the FRIENDS project start. (FRIENDS Reunion Agenda, FRIENDS Reunion Flyer, Event Minutes, FRIENDS Reunions at RIM Short Video, FRIENDS Project Presentation, FRIENDS Overview, Relevance of Intercultural Awareness and Competence from an Employability point of view Presentation)

FRIENDS International and Intercultural Festival at RIM, August 2021

On 27 August 2021, the International and Intercultural Festival at the Royal Institute of management was conducted face-to-face to present the different cultures and traditions within Asian countries (especially India and Nepal) through performance of different forms of dances and songs. The main aim of the event was to helps RIM academic community members grow their capacity to learn different types of languages, familiarise themselves with different cultures, inquire, and think. The programme was successfully organised by the FRIENDS project team with the support from the management and under the guidance of the Cultural club and especially the Cultural Coordinator. 133 participants were present at the event. The agenda of the FRIENDS International and Intercultural Festival is available here (Brief Description of the Event, Event Flyer)

Event Calendar (version as of April 2022)

Event Calendar (version as of May 2021)

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Home Away From Home at RIM

Official Opening Event at RIM, March 2021

On 31 March 2021, RIM held a small opening event and facilitated an informal discussion on the setup and the role of the FRIENDS Teahouse on the campus and its usage by the students. The event was attended by RIM students and administrative staff in charge of student services. The RIM FRIENDS Teahouse is expected to bring together the students for informal meetings, leisure talks and recreation.

FRIENDS Teahouse on RIM organisational chart

FRIENDS Teahouse formal establishment at RIM