FRIENDS Teahouse at SRU, Cambodia

FRIENDS Reunions at SRU – December 2022

As part of the FRIENDS Project, Svay Rieng University organized a FRIENDS Reunion event to promote on campus FRIENDS’ impact and major project achievements. The Reunions event was attended by 35 participants and was broken down into two major events to promote the project’s achievements. The events took place between 13 to 23 December 2021.

The event’s agenda included project results and impact presentations on the importance of cultural dialogue and the relevance of intercultural awareness and competence from employability point of view.

The event was important opportunity for everyone involved in the project to meet other. This was a chance for the Cambodian students who have completed the MOOC to meet and greet each their. The event emphasized on the various changes through which the project has gone through over the past two years and it provided a stage to the students to talk about how the involvement in the project and the establishment of the Teahouse affected their lives (FRIENDS Reunions Agenda, MOOC Syllabus, Digital Storytelling Presentation)

FRIENDS International and Intercultural Festival at SRU, July 2021

On 22 July 2021, Svay Rieng University (SRU), Cambodia organised the first part of their FRIENDS International and Intercultural Festival. The agenda of the FRIENDS International and Intercultural Festival at SRU could be found here. A presentation of Cambodia and New Zealand’s culture was made to the students by SRU staff members and external guests. The top 3 students who won the Intercultural Passport also were invited to present their Digital Stories and to share their intercultural experience with all the participants at the event (FRIENDS International and Intercultural Festival at SRU Presentation, New Zealand Culture Presentation).

The second half-day event of the FRIENDS International and Intercultural Festival at SRU was scheduled for September 2nd, 2021. The agenda of the FRIENDS International and Intercultural Festival at SRU can be found here. The two events were attended by 274 participants in total.

Event Calendar (version as of July 2022)

Event Calendar (version as of February 2021)

Code of Conduct

Home Away From Home at SRU

Official Opening Event at SRU, October 2020

On 22 October 2020, the SRU FRIENDS Teahouse established in Building DOO3 was formally launched. The multicultural student social hub is in a central location on campus and in close proximity to other venues frequented by students. The location is close to SRU Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Languages, which will be managing the facility in partnership with the Student Management team, which comprises the 3 top students from the Digital Storytelling Contest.

FRIENDS Teahouse on SRU Organisational Chart

FRIENDS Teahouse formal establishment at SRU