Intercultural Passport Award Guidelines

The Intercultural Passport virtual module is one of the FRIENDS project’s key outcomes. It caters to the integration of intercultural content into PC HEIs’ formal curriculum. The virtual module offers opportunities for flexible self-paced online learning through the IACD MOOC and tailor-made recognition of prior experiential learning as part of the module’s digital storytelling assessment element.

The Intercultural Passport Award Guidelines clarify the main features and requirements of the Intercultural Passport virtual module’s delivery and use. The document provides an overview of the module’s content and scope, target audiences, main aims, learning outcomes and key benefits for the learners, learning and teaching delivery methods, as well as assessment elements and assessment criteria.

Upon successful completion of the International Passport virtual module’s requirements, the students are awarded the so-called Intercultural Passport certificate. The Intercultural Passport certificate represents a formal recognition of the obtained skills and competences that enable students to move across cultures in a confident and competent manner. Furthermore, the Intercultural Passport certificate is deemed and promoted as a metaphorical supplement to the official international passport that a person should have when traveling abroad and crossing political borders.

To download the Intercultural Passport Award Guidelines, please click here.