Interim Report Card Days

In the period of June – August 2021, each of the 12 FRIENDS HEIs in Asia held a project quality related event to collect up-to-date feedback concerning the attitudes and understanding of project internal stakeholders regarding FRIENDS progress and impact as of summer 2021. Depending on the COVID-19 restrictions in place at the time, the 12 events were held online, face-to-face or in a hybrid modality. In total, 758 internal stakeholders across the 12 Asian HEIs contributed to the survey by filling out the Interim Report Card Day questionnaire. Collected feedback was summarized and key findings of its analysis were embedded into the Interim Internal Evaluation Report.

Interim Report Card Day Questionnaire, Summary of Key Findings from the 12 Interim Report Card Days

Interim Report Card Day at RTC, June 2021

The Interim Report Card Day activity was completed at RTC over a span of one week from 24 to 29 June 2021. In line with the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions at the time, the FRIENDS project team members held a number of face-to-face mini sessions with both students and officers from various RTC departments who were especially involved with the FRIENDS project such as Student Services, Finance and Development, and External Relations Department. In total, 40 questionnaires were collected to gather feedback from primary target group members at RTC on the FRIENDS project progress so far (Event Report)

Interim Report Card Day at RIM, August 2021

The Interim Report Card Day at RIM was conducted on campus on 25 August 2021, and it was attended by numerous students and staff members at RIM. The main focus of the event was discussion of the FRIENDS project progress and implementation up-to-date. The attendees were presented to the FRIENDS project’s recent developments and the pre-pandemic FRIENDS consortium meetings in Turkey and Cambodia were also discussed. 40 questionnaires with feedback from RIM students and staff members engaged with FRIENDS were collected at the end of the event. (Agenda, Interim Report Card Day Presentation, Work Package 2 Presentation).

Interim Report Card Day at SRU, June 2021

On 4 June 2021, SRU organised its FRIENDS Interim Report Card Day in an online format. During the event, SRU staff members and students closely engaged with the project were invited to provide their feedback. In total, 40 questionnaires were collected about SRU academic community members’ perceptions with regards to the progress and impact of the FRIENDS project at the university. (Invitation Letter, FRIENDS Project Introduction Presentation, FRIENDS Project Update Presentation).

Interim Report Card Day at DIU, August 2021

On 24 August 2021, the FRIENDS Interim Report Card Day at DIU was organised in an online format with students and staff members from the university. During the meeting, up-to-date feedback from 45 participants was collected concerning their understanding and first-hand experience with the FRIENDS project result and impact so far (Social Media Announcement)

Interim Report Card Day at APU, June 2021

The FRIENDS Interim Report Card Day at APU was held as an online event on 23 August 2021. During the event, Prof. Andy Seddon provided all the invited participants with more details and information regarding the progress of the FRIENDS project, its activities, and what is planned for the future as activities and events. A total of 51 survey responses were collected during the event (Minutes, Presentation).

Interim Report Card Day at BUC, July 2021

BUC FRIENDS team organised their First Interim Report Card Day as an online event on 22 July 2021. Three sessions were held to cater to all types of key internal stakeholders, namely staff and students of BUC directly engaged with the project. During all online sessions, beside the presentation highlighting key activities of the FRIENDS project, the presenter also took time to recap The Internationalisation Infographic from Work Package 1, activities that has been organised up until now, and IACD MOOC and students progress. After the presentation of materials, there was also Q&A session to get feedback from the stakeholders and 50 questionnaires were collected (Agenda, Presentation).

Interim Report Card Day at SLU, July 2021

The Interim Report Card Day was held at SLU in a face-to-face format. The event took place during two days – on 2 and 2 July 2021.

Throughout those two days, lively discussions were conducted on the importance of the international cooperation, intercultural activities and the achievements of the FRIENDS project at institutional level. The event agenda included annual performance review and evaluation, and interim accomplishment report presented during the SLU’s Quality Management System Review. 42 questionnaires on SLU project participants’ comprehensions of the project and level of satisfaction with project results were collected at the event. (Agenda, Interim Accomplishment Report).

Interim Report Card Day at UC, June 2021

The FRIENDS Interim Report Card Day at UC aimed to collect up-to-date feedback from project internal stakeholders on project progress and impact so far. The university senior managers, faculty members, administrative staff in the areas of student services and international cooperation as well as UC students were invited and were asked to fill out a report card during the event conducted online. The Interim Report Card Day took place on 18 June 2021 and in total, 67 feedback forms were filled out and collected. ( Agenda, FRIENDS Project Summary, Presentation).

Interim Report Card Day at CTU, June 2021

The FRIENDS Interim Report Card Day at CTU was held as a 1-day online event targeted at key internal stakeholders of the project. During the virtual event, presentations and orientation on the current FRIENDS project progress were provided to the participants and they also had the chance to ask questions regarding the project and its activities in a Q&A session. During the event held on 22 June 2021, 255 survey responses were received.

Interim Report Card Day at PSU, June 2021

On 18 June 2021, PSU hosted a zoom meeting for the FRIENDS Interim Report Card Day. Asst. Prof. Dr. Wongkot Phuphumirat, Assistant President for International Affairs and PSU FRIENDS project team leader, delivered a detailed project presentation. Internal PSU stakeholders, including administrators, faculty, administrative staff, and students, were in attendance to provide feedback about their perceptions of the project’s progress and impact at PSU. 46 survey responses were received at the event. (Agenda, Presentation).

Interim Report Card Day at PYU, July 2021

PYU organised their FRIENDS Interim Report Card Day in a online format at their Center for Social Impact. During the event, that took place on 4 July 2021, a presentation and an update of the FRIENDS project and its activities at PYU were shared. Further to this, the strategic plan of PYU towards the FRIENDS project was also discussed. The attendees were also introduced to the IACD MOOC course and to the Intercultural Passport and 41 questionnaires were received at the end. (Agenda, FRIENDS Intercultural Passport Presentation, FRIENDS Upcoming Activities Presentation, Interim Card Report Day Project Activities Report)

Interim Report Card Day at MSU, July 2021

On 4 July 2021, MSU organised their FRIENDS Interim Report Card Day in a hybrid format, both online and physical. During the event, an update to the project and the conducted activities was presented. In addition to this, more information on the FRIENDS project evaluation was provided to all the attendees so that they can have a more clear vision of the current progress of the project. 41 survey responses reflecting the perceptions of MSU students and staff members involved in FRIENDS were collected. (Agenda, Presentation).