Saint Louis University, Philippines

Full name in the national language Saint Louis University
Acronym SLU
Institutional project coordinator Roberto M. Arguelles
Telephone +63 074-4432001 loc 238

SLU was founded in 1911 and is regarded one of the Philippines’ respected and leading educational institutions that has grown with the demands of the current and future environments for its students and faculty alike. Today, SLU’s reputation of meeting international standards in tertiary education attracts students and scholars from the Philippines as well as from other countries of the world. In view of the strategic direction of the University, the Strategic Internationalisation Plan (SIP) aims to strengthen and diversify SLU international programme portfolio that is student and faculty-driven while ensuring campus relevance, academic excellence, programme sustainability, alumni engagement, and local/international connectedness that reflect the University’s global vision. To achieve this, the University has planned the following strategic actions: 1. Diversify International Portfolio. Activities include: increase number of trans-disciplinary activities with international partners and tackle global issues that are connected locally; and update university policies to reflect our global vision. 2. Enhance Global Opportunities. Activities include: increase utility and activity of programmes with partners; increase number of research projects and student learning options with substantial international component; increase number of double degree programmes, grant applications, knowledge generation, dissemination, and implementation with Mainland and international partners; and establish a set of international competencies for students and staff. 3. Promote Campus Diversity. Activities include: increase the diversity of our student body; implement campus activities to promote diversity awareness, empowerment, and integration. 4. Amplify Global Engagement. Activities include: advance International visibility and presence; increase online activities, outlets and social media presence. The total number of students registered at the institution in 2016/2017 was 25126, of them 182 full-time international students doing their studies in 77 academic programmes. In 2016/2017 there were 7 incoming and 8 outgoing mobile students. The number of faculty members teaching at the institution was 766, including 2 full-time international lecturers.

Roberto M. Arguelles dedication in teaching marketing and research allowed him to be bestowed the AGORA Award for Outstanding Achievement in Marketing Education given by the Philippine Marketing Association.  He was also awarded as the first Best Entrepreneurship Educator of the Philippines by the Entrepreneurship Association of the Philippines. He has been in the academic community for the last 26 years. He is a trainor in Business Development Program, Research, Curriculum Development, and Management Development Programs in the Philippines and abroad. With his passion in research, he has published researches in local and international journals. He has also presented research papers in Belgium, Thailand, India, Indonesia and the Philippines. He worked as Deputy Team Leader on Socio-economics under the Vlaamse Interuniversitaire Raad for 5 years which include project implementation, monitoring, accounting and management reporting.  He is currently a team member of the on-going Erasmus+ funded projects for capacity building in the field of education entitled BEEHIVE (Building Entrepreneurial Ecosystems to Enhance Higher Education Value-Added for Better Graduate Employability) and PROJECT ANTENA (Internationalisation of Higher Education at The Philippines Network). He holds a doctorate degree in Philosophy in Management. He completed the Applied Research in Socio-Economic Sciences at the University of Ghent, and Small Enterprise Development Program at the Catholic University of Leuven, in Belgium and was a Visiting Professor at the Universitas Atma Jaya Yogyakarta, Indonesia and Visiting Professor at Holy Angel University Graduate School.  He is currently the Vice President for Academic Affairs of Saint Louis University.

Prof. Dr. Richel Lamadrid stint in the academe has spanned more than 20 years.  This exposure has honed her craft in research and developmental undertakings aside from teaching.  As a researcher, she presented and published papers as 1) Rethinking Corporate Social Responsibility Within the Sustainability Agenda: Issues and Challenges for Asian-Based Companies- Journal of Global Responsibility, Vol. 5, Issue 2 2) Rewiring Business Firms through an Entrepreneurial-Oriented Strategy Making 3) Entrepreneurial-Oriented Strategy Making Gestalts and 4) Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship 2004-2012 editions as book contributor/ writer.  She is likewise the promoter of a 3-yr (2014-2017) interuniversity cooperation research and development project (on entrepreneurship and performance in the agri sector) with a local university and Ghent University, Belgium.  Likewise, she is an institutional team player of an Erasmus+ funded project for capacity building in the field of education entitled BEEHIVE (Building Entrepreneurial Ecosystems to Enhance Higher Education Value-Added for Better Graduate Employability; 2016-2019).  To date,she is the graduate program coordinator in the accountancy, business and management track of the School of Advanced Studies at Saint Louis University, Baguio City, Philippines.  She teaches both graduate and undergraduate programs.  Her academic know-how lies along organization and management, entrepreneurship, strategic mgmt, and Asian/international management.  She obtained her Doctor of Applied Economic Sciences at Ghent University, Belgium. Also Master in Industrial Relations and BA Sociology at University of the Philippines, Diliman.

Corazon Baterina-Kawi is the Director of the Guidance Center since 2009. Her general responsibility includes coordination, supervision, management and implementation of a comprehensive and functional guidance program. She completed her Masters in Psychology in 2000; Masters in Guidance and Counseling in 2013 both in Saint Louis University. She is a licensed Psychology educator and practitioner; a licensed Guidance Counselor supervisor, educator and practitioner; a licensed Psycometrician and also a licensed teacher. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Counseling at the Philippine Normal University and recently completed the required academic units prior to dissertation writing. She is also a part-time faculty in the Department of Psychology in the School of Advanced Studies. One of her specific responsibilities is being a member of the Admissions Committee of SLU where she is tasked to evaluate and assess applications of international students who seek for admission as transferee in the undergraduate level and international students who seek for admission in the graduate program. She is also a member of the Asian International Mobility for Students Committee. Her function is to assist and facilitate in the assessment and evaluation of students who wish to apply as participants in the Student Exchange Program. The initial assessment includes the administration and interpretation of two (2) personality tests; namely the Gandeza Scale of Frustration Tolerance and the Study Orientation Survey-Revised.

Prof. Andrew S. Macalma is currently the Dean of Student Affairs of Saint Louis University.  Prior to his current stint with the Office of Student Affairs where he had been stationed for the last 15 years, Andrew worked as a Guidance Counselor for 7 years and as a Part-time Faculty of the Department of Psychology in the same university.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and two master’s Degrees – Psychology and Business Administration and is currently finishing his studies in Ph D in Educational Management.  As a Registered Psychologist, Registered Psychometrician and a Licensed Professional Teacher, he is an active collaborator and mentor in the academic area.  Currently, he is also a Professor in the School of Advanced Studies of Saint Louis University handling courses in the Psychology, Business Administration, and Inclusive Education graduate programs. As a professor, he is invited to sit down as Thesis Adviser to Graduate School Students and Research Promoter in both the Human Resources Management and Psychology undergraduate programs. As a trained facilitator and sought-after speaker/resource person in leadership trainings, team building activities, and in Inclusive Education trainings and seminars, he also undertakes his role as an adviser of the Ministry of Sacred Music and Divine Symphony, an SLU Parish-based choir of the St Aloysius Gonzaga Parish of SLU where he also sits as the Vice President of its Parish Pastoral Council. He is a National Board Member and Executive Board Officer of Philippine International Friendship and Understanding Association Incorporated (PIFUA, Inc.) and of the Philippine Association of Practitioners of Student Affairs and Services, Inc. (PAPSAS, Inc.)- two National Professional organizations focused on International Students in the Philippines, and university-bound students, respectively. He scales the mountains of the Cordilleras and runs the road and trails of Baguio and Benguet whenever he is free from work and responsibilities.